In our spooktacular Halloween episode, the Trivia Escape Pod gang enters a haunted house in space and meets up with vampire Shirley (Ashley Melzer) and compost monster Swamp Dave (Jack Reitz). The AI serves up trivia questions about spooky songs, Halloween facts, and a “Change One Letter” movie round focused on horror movies. Also, Spock is transformed into a dog with razor-sharp claws. Will Ross and Julia survive long enough to make it back to their escape pod?

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Engineer Rachael takes the mic as poet, performer, and community activist Tariq Luthun docks with the pod. He takes on questions about Marvel comics, NBA salaries, women in government, and more, and puzzles through a Movies Out of Order round cooked up by the AI.

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Dog-Eared Books owners Stephanie Stegemoller and Caitlynne Garland come aboard to answer questions about Friends, state capitals and “dirty” things. They puzzle over an “Add One Word” movie round, and talk about their upcoming picture book chronicling the adventures of River, The Three-Legged Dog.

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This week with comedian Corey Brown, we have our first mystery round where not even our guest knows the theme. Play along as Corey tackles questions about Monopoly, alliterative treats, and the worst US states to live in. Can he rise to heights of the Empire of “300” or will he be demoted to 119.5? 

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Monica Byrne, author of The Girl in the Road, docks with the pod to answer questions about Batman and his various gadgets, Greek myth, and curious mammals. She also puzzles over a Broadway musical “Change a Letter” round and discovers which web site is the most trusted source on the web. Learn Monica’s newest news and hear the genesis of #BatPotatoToaster.


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