Broadcasting from the Furthest Reaches of Space

Trivia hosts trapped in deep space. A cranky engineer. An escape pod that runs on correct answers to trivia questions. An array of fascinating guests. Test your knowledge of history, pop culture, science, geography, and just about any other topic our AI can dream up! 

Live Shows

Wanna build a team and play? We have trivia shows every Tuesday night. During quarantine, we’ll be broadcasting on Zoom every Tuesday at 8:00 pm Eastern. When it’s safe to go out, we host a weekly show at Linda’s Bar and Grill in Chapel Hill, NC. And you can bring us to you for your event (live or online)!


We bring comedians, writers, data scientists, and other interesting folks aboard our escape pod to answer trivia questions. And we’re relentlessly pranked by our engineer and pod-cat. Find Trivia Escape Pod on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and most other major podcast platforms!

Meet the Crew

ross white

Co-Host and Dinosaur Impersonator

Ross White is a teacher, poet, publisher, book designer, and Braves fan who was jettisoned into space. He is he author of three books, Charm Offensive (forthcoming), The Polite Society (2017), and How We Came Upon the Colony (2014).

That’s not what he looks like. But a cartoonist made that for him a while back and he likes it a lot.

Follow him on Twitter: @rosswhite

engineer rachael

Podcast Engineer and Practical Joker

Forced to work below decks, Engineer Rachael repairs the critical systems on the pod. She also serves as the sound engineer for the Trivia Escape Pod podcast, and broadcasts it back to Earth using a jury-rigged communications array of her own design. You can occasionally hear her co-hosting.

Find her on Goodreads:


Pod-Cat, Tuna Seeker, and All-Around Jerk

Mister Spock was rescued with his sister in 2014. Since that time, he has been stalking both the command module and the below-decks areas in search of tuna. He makes occasional appearances on the podcast, usually by jumping on a microphone stand.