The last time we saw Dan Spencer, he was a half-man, half-cat floating through space. But this time, he’s fully human, and we give him trivia questions about Parks & Recreation, parts of a whole, Weird Al Yankovic, and a “90’s Movie Subtract a Letter”  round. Co-hosted by Engineer Rachael!

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This week’s theme song: “Soul Sister” by Robbero (c) copyright 2013 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license.

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Comedian Alex James stumbles upon a corona virus-stricken escape pod where frequent guest Lizzy Garcia has taken over hosting duties. She and Ross give Alex trivia questions about Stranger Things, physical therapy, popular purchases, and Grey’s Anatomy, as well as a “Subtract One Letter” movie round. And our podcat Spock finds true love. Find out why Julia is trapped on a spacewalk and who our pod’s A.I. really is.

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Stand-up comedian Jesse Bernier comes aboard to answer trivia questions about scientists, Star Wars, world capitals, and poetry, as well as a Movie Smash round. The gang gets obsessed with Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison, Spock takes a spacewalk, and Jesse comes up with about thirteen great ideas for merch. 

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Lizzy Garcia is back on the pod! We have trivia questions about novels, Disney, #1 hits, Arthur Miller, and video games, as well as a cat-pun movie round. Find out which actor should star in every Star Wars film, which actor should star as Princess Peach, and how intensely Julia has studied The Little Mermaid.

Featuring a brand-new theme song from our old buddy, Dr. Spin (@yingling).

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Data scientist and competitive card gamer Michael Lawson tackles trivia questions about amusement parks, electronic music, sweeteners, the Torah, and  board games, as well as a Movie Smash round. Will he be able to solve the secret round that our AI has set up for him?

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