Live, Streaming Trivia on Tuesdays

We’re back to offering streaming trivia!  Join us Tuesdays at 8:00 pm!

How to play:
  • Look for the weekly hint on our Twitter or Instagram.
  • Gather a team of up to ten players. You don’t need to be in the same room– fire up a group chat, Facetime, Skype… whatever.
  • Grab your beverages and get comfortable.
  • Log in to the Trivia Escape Pod Zoom ( by 8:00 pm Eastern.  One of your hosts is usually there by 7:30, so come say hello!
  • Have one member of your team change their name in Zoom to your team name for the night.  If your team name incorporates the hint from Twitter or Instagram, you’ll get twenty-five points to start the night.
  • Earn points for correct answers… or partial points for answers that are so hilariously incorrect that they make us giggle.

The Tournament of Brains 

The six-week Tournament of Brains ran April-May 2020.

The final scores:

Title of Your Sex Tape: 18700
Ba Cinco Se: 17950
Five Jars of Hellman’s: 17850
Technoglittoris 6: What’s spanish for glittoris?: 17225
Wasting Away in Quarantinaville: 16175
A Fifth of Mayo: 15450
Al Infinito y Beyonce!: 14725
Slutty SeƱoritas: 13650
Sink Full Of Mayonnaise: 12925
Tequila Mockingbird: 12800
Manhattan Project: 10050
iowhatyearisit?! 9325
Corona with a Hint of Lyme: 7200
Tip Your Bartiger: 6875